Dark Days Exit

A 8 track electronic album (5m 52s) — released December 16th 2022 on Compost

Felix Laband's highly acclaimed masterpiece album "Dark Days Exit" (2005) is available as VERY LIMITED EDITION vinyl LP re-issue.

Felix Laband is Maritzburg-born, Durban-bread and Cape Town-based. He thankfully took up computer music instead of surfing, and was in various guitar-based bands (including Fingerhead and incurable) before having a solo piece included on the Koert Kotze en die Vrouekolonie CD. Laband´s fiendish and phat foray into introspective electronics was highly promising and the highlight of a critically acclaimed project. He also had two notable inclusions on the excellent Sound of the Durban Underground collection. He already produced two fantastic albums, but this time he's going real deep and shows us his Dark Days Exit.

This album is deep, it comed from the deepest heart and reflects a phantastic sound journey through a land, whose contrasts couldn't be extremer and whose history couldn't be more bizarre. As Felix told U.K. magazine "Dazed & Confused", "That South Africa is a land of weird contrasts which definitely comes through in my music. I'm not afraid to throw things around. A lot of European stuff is quite formulistic, people stick to a certain sound and a specific way of doing things. I try to throw that out of the window."

Dark Days Exit enriches with the artificial intelligence and sensitivity of electronica, indie pop, folk, post rock and old school ambient with some warm jazz elements. It also slightly reminds of French movie soundtracks. Listen closely! This album stands out due to those subtly puzzled out electronica and sublime moody electro sounds. "Like liquid LSD" (Rage / ZA). On the one hand, it approaches the works of Stereolab, Notwist, Console, Plaid and such, on the other hand, it truly inspires the old school Compost community aswell. Many people compare the album with A Forest Mighty Black, Taran or the classic Kruder & Dorfmeister releases. Indeed a little bit of everything, but self-contained enough to be one of the most outstanding albums of 2005. Peter Kruder and Richard Dorfmeister loved the album from the very first note and gave us top quotes. The artist is celebrated like a star in South Africa, a cool and inspired guy, whose last two albums were released on African Dope Records.


"Dark Days Exit is an interesting blend of latin, ambient, folk, and lounge flavors. The production and composition is top notch throughout, but check the choppy clicks of "Crooked Breath" or the eerie, melodic "Radio Right Now" for signs of true inspiration. A talent to watch." XLR8R

"It has the dark sparkle of Air's 'Moon Safari', random trippy flashes of Pink Floyd´s earlier sounds, and if David Lynch had based 'Twin Peaks' in Cape Town´s City Bowl, then this would work as the soundtrack." SA Rockdigest

"An insane swirling ambient dub glitch freak show." Dazed & Confused Magazine

"Sometimes dark and sinister, always a little melancholy, infused with a retro hipness that is entirely cocktail inspring. Felix´s greatest quality must be his use of space - the music breathes with space around the beats, fresh fresh fresh. Infinitely listenable, espacially outdoors." World Online

"An album that will bewilder due to weird electronic nature, but by the same token has the power to melt the soul. Mindblowing." Jon Freer

"Laband´s superbly-layerd, multi-tiered soundscapes are tantalizingly tranquil and intriguingly unique - they amble like ambient and slip into the bloodstream like liquid LSD." rage.co.za

"An inspired and deep album of esoteric kindness and warm technology. Had a very sensual evening with this record." Peter Kruder

"'Miss Teardrop'is a sublime brill supertune....sneaking carefully into your ears and remaining there for a long long time, excellent!" Richard Dorfmeister

"Stunning album!" Laurent Garnier

"The soundtrack for sensitive people's lifes - very recommendable." Martin Gretschmann (NOTWIST / CONSOLE)

"The new album takes Felix's music deeper than before. 'Whistling in Tongues' is a hypnotic tune perfect for late-night driving" Ennio Styles

"...if you have too less money to travel to South Africa, no problem, just listen to "Dark Days Exit" and close your eyes..." Nat Queen Cool / Sounds Good Inc.

"Kraftwerks´s AUTOBAHN might have been a prelude but this is the omega! Fur sure!" Helene Ramos Galagarza

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